Meet Lesley, our designer! With an innate artistic flair, her design journey took flight in 2002 with the birth of luxury accessories brand Buba London. As she curated a unique boutique showcasing Buba London's styles, her passion for design grew, sparking a desire to create a brand that transcends age, style, and body shape.

Introducing Stardust, where Lesley's creativity flourishes and women are empowered to embrace a free-spirited, positive mindset. Each collection is an ode to her enchanting travels, particularly the vibrant tapestry of experiences in India and beyond. From these adventures, original hand-painted prints are born, infused with the essence of wanderlust.

But Stardust is more than just mesmerising prints. Every design is crafted to celebrate and enhance the beauty of every woman, embracing and flattering diverse shapes. The result? Effortlessly stunning silhouettes that leave a lasting impression!



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